Navneet Goenka

Coming from a family that has been closely connected to the global diamond industry, Navneet Goenka brings two decades of invaluable experience to the GLITZKOIN advisory board. He has a thorough knowledge about the supply and demand sides of the 90 billion dollar industry and has been instrumental in identifying critical deficiencies and inefficiencies, that are pulling the industry into stagnation. These inputs define the core objectives of the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain and crypto currency project.

Lila Hussain
Head of Business Development

Lila has 23 years of experience providing fiscal, strategic & operations leadership. She was general manager of the Lima Airshow, Biggest Airshow in South East Asia for over 14 years. She does a lot of social work and is on the Board of various Human Rights and Women Entrepreneurship organizations.

Shashank Agarwal
Head of Technology

A blockchain expert with over 10 years of experience in the technology industry. Shashank is also well versed with web and cloud based applications. His extensive experience covers businesses across UK, UAE and India. Besides being a qualified engineer, Shashank also has a MBA qualification from the Imperial College London.

Olga Rosina
Diamond Specialist

Olga has been a diamond industry veteran for over 20 years. She has worked with giant diamond mining companies, Alrosa and Gokhran. Both these operations are owned by the Russian government. She holds a Masters’ degree in Management and Informatics along with a diploma in Nuclear Power Plant Management. Olga was a winner of several Russian Beauty Queen titles in the late 90s.

Dato Alia HM Jally
PR and Media Relations

With two decades of experience in the high profile marketing and PR industry, Dato’ Alia HM Jally has handled projects for Malaysia’s biggest business houses. Dato’ Alia has branded and marketed products on every media channel including, TV and social media. After having started her career with leading global PR firm Edelman, Dato’ Alia drew experience from a host of Malaysian branding and marketing houses. She is today the COO of The Week Folk Entertainment SdnBHd.

Dinesshwaran Yoogan
Marketing Manager

Leveraging his experience in international trade and business communication, Dinesshwaran Yoogan, heads the GLITZKOIN marketing arm in Malaysia. With an excellent grasp of blockchain applications and the operation of crypto currency, Dinesshwaran has been instrumental in drawing the attention of Malaysian CEOs and government decision makers to the GLITZKOIN project. On the academic front, he holds a qualification in Banking and Finance from the Victoria University at Sunway.