Women In Blockchain, Glitzkoin Tells A Different Story

Let’s begin this report by clearly stating that, we do not intend to dispute the numbers provided by reputed journals like Forbes and CNBC. There have been at least 3 reports related to ‘women’s participation in blockchain’ published by these publications in the first half of 2018. 

All these reports talked about, the low interest in blockchain and crypto technology – among women. They put the figure at around 5% to 7% which is indeed extremely low. We will in a moment, contrast these findings with what we at GLITZKOIN experienced, this obviously is specific to our project. 

The Glitzkoin ICO was successfully completed in June 2018, publicity campaigns for the ICO peaked in Jan – Mar 2018. Those were days when Google had not yet, blocked advertising campaigns related to ICO and crypto currency. Analyzing data from our Google display and text based campaigns, we concluded that women made up no less than 40% of the total participation. This when leading publications, were pegging their reports on interest among women in blockchain, at well below 10%. 

The post ICO scenario was no different for us. This can be gauged from ‘accounts reached data’, accessed from the Glitzkoin Instagram channel. Women made up around 34% of the total number of Instagram accounts reached. The figures are all the more impressive considering the fact that, the traffic to this channel came from organic sources – no paid campaigns were deployed. 

So what exactly is it that attracted, women in such large numbers to the GLITZKOIN blockchain project. There are really no universally acceptable answers to this question, but we can probably draw some reliable conclusions. 

Women are generally put off by high pitched marketing campaigns, this especially among women with an interest in business and finance. The fact that GLITZKOIN relied more on education and updates rather than, sing the ‘buy buy buy’ song, could have played a role in gaining the confidence of women. Campaigns were low key and focused on explaining value and potential, rather than making tall promises. 

Women are known for their superior analytical skills. The composition of the GLITZKOIN team which maintains an effective balance between, technical experts and diamond veterans, is something that would appeal to analytical minds. 

Analysts have often picked the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project to explain how, an industry based application packed greater potential as compared to projects that, offered little more than a crypto currency. This clearly lifted the role of the GTN crypto token beyond, simple speculation. 

Women are beginning to take a more active interest in blockchain and crypto currencies. Projects like Glitzkoin are working to accelerate women’s interest in this innovative technology. It is hoped that the interesting trend continues to grow in the coming years.