Who Is Navneet Goenka, Who is The Glitzkoin CEO

If you happen to be crypto savvy, you might believe that the CEO of Glitzkoin is a blockchain expert. So who is Navneet Goenka and why does he attend all those, blockchain and crypto events. It might be easier to explain this once you understand, the underlying mission of the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project. 

We live in a world where most blockchain projects are conceptualized by tech gurus. This could be the reason why, most crypto communities have remained detached from the real world economy. The idea of a blockchain based diamond trading platform and the deployment of a digital currency to settle payment, evolved from the corridors of the 90 billion dollar diamond industry. Glitzkoin is not the brainchild of a techno pundit. 

Back to the question, who is Navneet Goenka – besides being the promoter and CEO of the Glitzkoin project, Navneet is a second generation diamond veteran. Coming from a family that has been a key player in the glittering industry for over five decades, he is well versed in every aspect and segment of the industry. 

After having closely studied the inefficiencies in the supply chain for diamonds, Navneet Goenka was convinced that technology was the only solution. Despite all the glitter and glamor attached to diamonds, the industry itself is home to some of the most inefficient business practices. Unfortunately, change is not something that the diamond community can easily adapt to. Things get even tougher when that change is attempted by, entities that are outside the industry. 

We have now answered the question, who is Navneet Goenka but the explanation cannot end here. How did the Glitzkoin CEO who is not a technical expert, come to promote one of the hottest technologies of our time – blockchain. Looking for ways to improve efficiency and market scope for the diamond industry, Navneet came across some interesting information related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Tapping into a circle of close friends researching in the Stanford University (U.S), he began to understand more about these technologies. Subsequent efforts followed and he had soon put together a team that, consisted of big talents in blockchain technology. A group of highly skilled diamond professionals soon joined the team. 

This was how the Glitzkoin project evolved, the powerful features of blockchain were mapped with the areas in the diamond industry that needed improvement. Navneet Goenka a hardcore diamond professional, soon became an avid learner and admirer of these technologies. 

So if you wonder what a diamond veteran is doing in an event or show dedicated to blockchain and cryptos, you might want to hear the Glitzkoin CEO’s words, he says, ‘… the crypto community has carved out an exclusive niche for itself. While this might sound wonderful, it is something that has generated a disconnect between, technology and real world business. It is high time that, tech and business got together – I hope to be one of those that, helped bridge the gap’.

You might come across press reports, related to various charity events supported by Navneet Goenka. Children seem to be close to his heart and he has reached out to underprivileged children in Malaysia and India. In his words, ‘… children are the future, we cannot afford to leave children with no food and no education. As a human being and a businessman, I strongly believe that businesses should help build societies and communities’.

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