Navneet Goenka Takes Up CEO Position At GLITZKOIN

GLITZKOIN has always maintained that, the project has more to offer than a crypto currency. While most ICOs today focus on pulling in the crypto world, the GLITZKOIN initial currency offering drew significant interest from two distinctly different groups. The crypto world focused on the crystal clear white paper and a realistic roadmap. The 90 billion diamond industry needs to improvise and restructure itself, prominent industry specialists have pinned their hopes on the GLITZKOIN project. 

While the team is configured to include top talent from the crypto and blockchain world, it also brings together seasoned diamond veterans. What is now required is to bridge the gap, between technology and the real world diamond industry. Businesses would undoubtedly feel more comfortable adapting to technology related changes if, the project is headed by an insider from the diamond industry. GLITZKOIN has responded by moving up Navneet Goenka from the post of advisor to CEO. 

He is a second generation diamond pro with expertise in every activity and process, related to the diamond industry. He is as comfortable sifting through rough, freshly mined diamonds valued at several million dollars as he is with, critically examining the finest cut and polished pieces that, would impress even the most seasoned diamond connoisseur.

Being closely involved with the GLITZKOIN project right from its conception, Navneet Goenka has been instrumental in identifying the weaknesses in the diamond industry that, could ideally be resolved through the latest technologies related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has spearheaded, several meetings and conferences explaining the concept of a diamond blockchain and continues to do so. 

As GLITZKOIN increases its participation in global events related to blockchain and crypto currency, Navneet will be focusing more on international presentations explaining, how technology can improve efficiency and market scope in real life business environments. In his words ‘… the blockchain and crypto world can no longer wait for business attitudes to change. Technology is only good when it can be applied to improve real life situations. Tech experts and promoters should reach out to industries and business houses. Unfortunately this is not being done and that is precisely why, we see an abundance of projects, most of which will fade away with time’. 

The GLITZKOIN project has now shifted gears as the technical team works on important details for the blockchain based diamond trading platform. Reputed diamond trading houses have offered their suggestions and ideas, this positive attitude has picked up pace in recent weeks. 

The multibillion dollar diamond industry, prepares for an amazing revolution and hopes are pinned on GLITZKOIN. With one of the most talented blockchain projects now headed by CEO Navneet Goenka, the aspirations of the glittering industry are in good hands. 

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