Malaysia Crypto Currency, GLITZKOIN Strategy

Malaysia has taken a positive stand on crypto currencies, serious effort is being made to define rules and norms to govern crypto transactions. This is surely the right approach that would be suitable for all countries. With many governments blockading crypto currencies just because, they do not understand them, the Malaysian effort needs to be applauded. 

The GLITZKOIN project drew a positive response from the public and private sector in Malaysia. Leading business houses have adopted a forward thinking approach, many of them are aware of the benefits delivered by blockchain technology and crypto currencies. The government welcomes these technological innovations and is working on ways to eliminate the negative effects and misuse that could occur. 

GLITZKOIN is poised to implement a superior blockchain based diamond trading platform. This is the only diamond blockchain to be supported by industry experts. The objective of this blockchain is to set up a diamond trading platform that, can be accessed by all diamond sellers and buyers. Blockchain technology will help eliminate major deficiencies in the diamond industry. A crypto currency will be deployed to settle payments on the blockchain based trading platform. 

Press Conference

After holding a press conference in Malaysia, we were overwhelmed with queries and questions from leading business houses. Many of the attendees at the conference were of the opinion that the GLITZKOIN crypto currency, could be implemented as a mode of payment in their business. Simply put, they saw no reason why the usage of the currency should be limited to the diamond trading platform. This is very true because, a crypto currency that is launched as part of an industry specific blockchain project would be more reliable than, a crypto currency that is implemented as the only feature in a blockchain project. 

Business Response

We have received a request from Malaysia’s leading business conglomerate the YTL Group. The company wishes to accept the GLITZKOIN crypto as a form of payment in two of its high end shopping malls – StarHill Gallery and Lot10. This would obviously be a prelude to a wider acceptance of the currency, across other businesses operated by the group. Close on the heels of the YTL Group’s move, came a similar request from one of the biggest high end jewelry houses in Malaysia – CERES. Queries and requests keep coming from other business houses. 

Malaysian Team Members

With Malaysia taking the lead in crypto currency operations and regulations, we view this is a great opportunity for businesses and crypto enthusiasts in the country. While maintaining a distinctly international flavor, the GLITZKOIN team reflects our interests and confidence in this Asian country. We are honored to have Vice Admiral Datuk Mat Rabi Abu Samah ( Retd) on our Advisory Board. He brings a keen insight into the Malaysian corporate landscape and more than, a decade of experience in the corporate sector. Lila Hussain has been involved in strategic planning and business operations for the past 23 years. She spearheads the GLITZKOIN business efforts in the country. With the public and private sectors in the country, showing high interest in the GLITZKOIN project, Public Relations and media distribution are extremely important. Dato Alia HM Jally a veteran in media distribution and branding, lays out the essential plans for our PR strategy. 

Malaysia GLITZKOIN Strategy

High end diamond jewelry and investments in classy diamonds has remained consistently high in Malaysia. The GLITZKOIN blockchain based diamond trading platform, has drawn support from leading diamond and jewelry houses in the country. The corporate sector has chalked out, two main applications for the crypto currency implemented as part of the project. The crypto would be used to settle payments for transactions conducted on the trading platform. Business houses are also keen to accept the GLITZKOIN crypto as a form of payment in their business operations. 


With the Malaysian authorities clearly understanding the positive role of crypto currencies, the number of crypto enthusiasts in the country has surged in recent months. There is no doubt that BITCOIN leads the global crypto trade but, the high  price point of this crypto is grossly unsuited for most crypto world debutants and participants with limited budget outlays. The modest price point of GLITZKOIN tokens during the ICO, has drawn tremendous interest among Malaysia’s crypto centric youth and adults. The comprehensive project plan as detailed in the white paper combined, with the keen interest for the project, shown by leading business houses, has created a pro-GLITZKOIN environment in the country.