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Twitter has become an important platform for the crypto industry. Glitzkoin maintains an active Twitter account at @GlitzKoinToken This is the social media channel that, is updated with happenings in the Glitzkoin project, the GTN token and also crypto space in general.

If you happen to be looking for the Glitzkoin Twitter account, make sure that you are not seeing the old Twitter account that was discontinued way back in 2018. The new Twitter account for Glitzkoin and GTN is at @GlitzKoinToken.

An interesting thing about the old Glitzkoin Twitter account is that, a technical hitch at Twitter seems to have shut access to the account. Twitter has expressed its inability, to access and deactivate that Twitter account. So while the Glitzkoin Twitter account at @GlitzKoinToken is constantly updated, the old account remains static.

We often get messages enquiring whether, the old Twitter account is a fake one. Just clarifying that, the old account is surely not a fake. It was maintained by us for a while, access was locked out due to a technical problem at Twitter. The old account is static, not hacked and not a fake – the new Glitzkoin Twitter account can be accessed at @GlitzKoinToken

Talking about Twitter as a mode of communication in crypto space – there is no doubt that crypto analysts, investors and project promoters, see this as an effective medium. Predictions for crypto prices, trends, rumors, new projects are all Tweeted. Glitzkoin Tweets include a wide range of issues, we do not limit our posts to Glitzkoin or GTN.

One thing that you will not find @GlitzKoinToken on Twitter, are fairy tale predictions for the Glitzkoin GTN token. Many crypto promoters and ‘analysts’, prefer to run marketing campaigns on their Twitter account. We at Glitzkoin prefer to use our Glitzkoin channel, as a medium to share updates.

This report clarifying that @GlitzKoinToken is the official Glitzkoin Twitter channel, should clear many doubts. We have put a link below this report that, will take you directly to the Glitzkoin Twitter channel. We invite you to subscribe as a follower at @GlitzKoinToken on Twitter.





GLITZKOIN: A quick recap of the Glitzkoin project and the GTN crypto token.  The project was launched to improve the demand for natural diamonds and to enhance, the efficiency and productivity of the multibillion dollar industry.

The DiaEx diamond trading platform was developed using Stellar blockchain resources. The GTN token was launched as part of the project and is designated, as the mode of payment on DiaEx. Promoted by second generation diamond veteran Navneet Goenka, Glitzkoin assigned a multifaceted role to the GTN token. 

The trading platform was completed in 2019 and was put through rigorous testing in early 2020. A team of diamond dealers subsequently did a pilot run on DiaEx with, actual transactions made on the platform.  This process was largely successful and revealed a few areas for improvement. The Glitzkoin tech team was handling the minor adjustment when, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns slowed down the process. The management will reschedule the full launch of DiaEx once the health crisis eases.

Talking about the multifaceted nature of the GTN token, the project is also focused on further increasing usage for the crypto – this aside from crypto exchange trade and the payment usage on the DiaEx platform. The concept is to have operators of various businesses, accept the GTN token as a mode of payment in their operations. Moving this idea forward Glitzkoin has confirmed a partnership with online ticketing giant, wherein clients of the ticketing portal could use the GTN token as a mode of payment. Technical requirements for the integration of systems on both sides is at an advanced stage, nearing completion. Reviewing the challenges that the entertainment industry has been going through during the COVID pandemic, both managements have decided to set a launch schedule when the situation starts to normalize. The arrangement setup between Glitzkoin and will form the blueprint, for similar deals to be negotiated with other business operators. 



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