Glitzkoin Presents Madeline Stuart, Sponsors London Fashion Show

Glitzkoin is no newcomer to fashion and glamor events, we have sponsored many such events in Malaysia. When Business Development Manager Lila Ruzaini hear about Madeline Stuart participating in the NK Fashion Show in London, the Glitzkoin media team began coordinating with the event organizers. 

Madeline Stuart the world’s first supermodel with Downs Syndrome, is today a source of inspiration to millions across the globe. Glitzkoin CEO Navneet Goenka was overjoyed when our proposal to sponsor the event was accepted by the show organizers. It was also decided that Lila Ruzaini would have the honor of presenting Madeline at the show. 

The supermodel looked gorgeous and confident on stage, she proudly wore the finely crafted CERES diamond ring presented to her by Glitzkoin. The presence of Madeline at the London fashion show, lifted the stature and importance of the event. 

Lila Ruzaini revealed her feelings, ‘… it is an occasion that I will never forget for the rest of my life … was filled with pride when leading Madeline down the stage … have represented Glitzkoin at numerous fashion events and charity shows but, this is special’.

CEO Navneet Goenka echoed similar sentiments, ‘… the event has been very special and we thank the organizers for allowing us to sponsor it. Lila Ruzaini has always done a wonderful job while representing Glitzkoin on various occasions’.

GLITZKOIN: The first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a veteran from the multibillion dollar diamond industry, Glitzkoin is the brainchild of second generation diamond veteran Navneet Goenka. The project includes a comprehensive diamond trading platform DiaEx and a multifunctional crypto GTN. Besides trading on at least 3 crypto exchanges, the GTN token is also the designated mode of payment on DiaEx. 

The project successfully completed an ICO in June 2018 and the GTN token has been trading since July 2018. The DiaEx diamond trading platform is being launched in phases, and the first set of diamond traders have started operating on the platform. The support teams are currently on standby to address technical issues and provide support services. DiaEx is scheduled to deliver a full launch and become open to traders from across the globe by 2019 end. 

The GTN token has received the active support of seasoned crypto traders. When fully operation (end 2019) DiaEx will form another active source of demand for the token. This because diamond buyers will fulfill their payment obligations using the GTN token. 




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