Glitzkoin GTN Token Listed On Stellar Exchanges, Performs Impressively

The impressive performance of the Glitzkoin ICO that ended in June 2018, was possible due to two major factors. There is no doubt that the industry specific diamond blockchain as detailed in the project report, won over serious crypto analysts. It is also true that, experienced crypto traders were just beginning to realize the potential of projects that, offered substantially more than a crypto, that was meant to be tossed around in a speculative crypto market. 

The GTN token was priced in the $0.15 to $0.20 range during the ICO, it was listed on the Stellarport exchange in July 2018. You might recollect that, this was the time when over 70% of newly launched cryptos, crashed below their ICO price within weeks of being traded. 

Seasoned crypto enthusiasts maintained their support for the Glitzkoin project and GTN token, even in the post ICO phase. The price range for the token during the July to October 2018 period, hovered close to the ICO price and remained in the $0.18 to $0.22 range. 

November and December 2018 proved extremely turbulent for crypto markets. Both Bitcoin and ETH, recorded substantial losses and crypto pundits were proved, totally wrong with their rosy predictions for the year end. 

As crypto traders started exiting the market, it appeared that a fairly large number of them, considered it wise to put partial funds into the GTN token. Activity on the Stellarport exchange surged and the GTN token, recorded a 50% rise when compared to its ICO closing value. The token hit the $0.30 mark - a hefty appreciation, when compared to the $0.20 ICO closing value. 

The next few paragraphs detail the, prospects and plans for the GTN token in the near future. Please do not believe rumors and hype generated from any source. 

GTN Token Potential: The information provided here is not meant to encourage wild speculation of the token. Updates will be provided as the related events unfold, you can keep track on this website on our Instagram channel – related links have been provided below this report. 

  • The DiaEx diamond trading platform, scheduled to be implemented in the first quarter of 2019, is designed to use the GTN token as the mode of payment. This will generate an additional source of demand for the token. 
  • With the partnership between the online ticketing giant and Glitzkoin having been finalized, the GTN token will be a payment option on the ticketing platform. Testing phase for this arrangement is due to be conducted in the first quarter of 2019. This presents another source of demand for the token. 
  • Negotiations are underway for the listing of the GTN token on other crypto exchanges. We request you to await an official announcement regarding the progress. 

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