Glitzkoin GTN Token Active On Stellarport Exchange

At a time when most blockchain projects are forgotten by the crypto community within a couple of months of their ICO being completed, the Glitzkoin project continues to be actively supported by seasoned crypto traders. The ICO was completed in June 2018 and the GTN token was priced at $0.20. The July 2018 listing on Stellar based exchanges, saw the token maintain its ICO value – this at a time when, most freshly launched cryptos had started to show significant drops in their ICO values.

The brainchild of second generation diamond veteran Navneet Goenka, the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain was launched at a time when the crypto world in general had started to cool down. Glitzkoin CEO Navneet explains, ‘… the project was focused on improving the operations and sales for the 90 billion dollar diamond industry. The GTN crypto token launched as part of the project, has a very strategic role to play. Yes, it is currently trading on crypto exchanges but, it does a lot more than that’.

The second phase of the Glitzkoin project, after the completion of the ICO is the development and implementation of the DiaEx diamond exchange. Crypto community participants continue to trade the GTN token on the Stellarport exchange. They foresee a good demand for the token, this from a source other than that generated by professional crypto traders. As explained in the project plan, the DiaEx diamond exchange utilizes the GTN token as the mode of payment.

The DiaEx diamond trading platform facilitates B2B and B2C trade in natural, certified diamonds. Trade is not permitted in fake and synthetic stones. By operating directly with the platform, diamond traders of all sizes and located at any point on the globe, transact without the need for middlemen and brokers.

A large proportion of diamond trade is conducted across borders, this involves complications related to multiple currencies and their conversion. Bank related procedures can be cumbersome, varied and expensive. By using the Glitzkoin GTN token to fulfill payment obligations on the DiaEx platform, traders can make money transfers efficiently at a very reasonable cost.

You might be aware that most cryptos launched during the same time as the GTN token, lost as much as 70% of their ICO value within a few weeks of trading on the exchanges. Thanks to seasoned crypto enthusiasts for recognizing the true potential of the Glitzkoin project, the GTN token has impressively hovered around its ICO value ($0.20) for months and until October 2018. 

November and December 2018 were extremely tough for crypto markets. Bitcoin the king of the crypto world, proved pundits wrong and crashed to a measly $3,700, ETH recorded significant losses too. This was also the time when, crypto enthusiasts were looking for safer and more stable cryptos – cryptos that were backed by clearly defined projects. Stellarport recorded increased GTN activity and most of this was positive, the token lifted itself to the next level and reached the $0.30 mark. The Glitzkoin GTN token effortlessly maintained that price level into 2019. 

An accurate and clear comparison could be made by comparing, the price movement of Bitcoin (BTC), ETH and GTN during the July 2018 to January 2019 period. We chose July 2018 as this was the time when, the Glitzkoin GTN token began trading on the crypto exchange (Stellarport). The BTC lost around 55% of its value while the ETH did no better, it dropped by as much as 70%. Backed by the strong support of the crypto community, the GTN token notched up a handsome 50% gain. 

So should you invest in the GTN token. We will not do any sales hype here, we strongly suggest that you go through this website and better understand the Glitzkoin mission. Review the performance of GTN on the Stellarport exchange (link provided below) and then, make your buying decision.









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