The GLITZKOIN project goes far beyond the issue of a crypto currency. Diamond professionals in the team have clearly pinpointed the weaknesses of the conventional processes adopted in diamond trade. By inducting some of the best block chain experts into the team, we are now geared to implement a superior diamond trading platform based on the Stellar block chain.

 - The GLITZKOIN project is implemented on the superior Stellar blockchain. This platform is known for its high speed and low transaction costs.

 - The purchase of this crypto currency can be paid for by using a select group of crypto currencies. Conventional money can also be used to fund the purchase.

 - The robust diamond trading platform being built as part of the GLITZKOIN project, will use this crypto currency to fund transactions.

 - The project is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals. These include experts from the block chain technology sector and the diamond industry.

 - The rapid acceptance of crypto currencies will ensure that, the GLITZKOIN crypto will in the near future be accepted as a mode of payment for a range of goods and services.