DiaEx Diamond Trading Platform To Benefit, GTN Crypto Traders

The Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project, was conceptualized in the corridors of the $90 billion diamond industry.  Poised to increase productivity and improve market sentiment for the precious stone, the project has garnered significant support from the crypto community. 

To understand why seasoned crypto traders continue to support the GTN token, we need to recap some essential details about the project. Glitzkoin includes a full fledged diamond trading platform – DiaEx. Diamond traders irrespective of their size and location, can trade directly on DiaEx – without the need for middlemen or brokers. 

The GTN token launched by the project has a strategic role to play. Diamond traders trading on the DiaEx platform, will settle payments using the Gitzkoin GTN token. Crypto analysts agree that, this is something that generates an additional stream of demand for the token. From the viewpoint of token price, any additional demand is a good sign. 

Glitzkoin is promoted by second generation diamond veteran – Navneet Goenka. The features of the DiaEx platform are designed to improve the demand for diamonds and also eliminate, serious inefficiencies that have plagued the industry for decades. The glittering industry is more open to the solution being provided by Glitzkoin mainly because, the project is headed an insider from the industry. 

The crypto community generates, significant trade volume for the GTN token which is now listed on the Dobitrade, Cointiger and Stellarport exchanges. The added demand generated by diamond traders operating on the DiaEx platform is something that, crypto traders welcome. 

Talking about demand for the GTN token, here is another interesting option being seriously pursued by Glitzkoin management. Starting soon, visitors to the online ticketing portal Myticket.asia, will soon be able to use the GTN token to pay for their purchases. The deal with the online ticketing giant has already been signed, it marks the beginning of similar deals ahead. The idea is to have business operators to accept the GTN token as a mode of payment. This is obviously one more stream of demand for the token. 

Navneet Goenka CEO of Glitzkoin says that, ‘… an increased usage of cryptos is absolutely essential if, cryptos are to make an impact on real world business. We at Glitzkoin will strive to bridge the gap between cryptos and the real world economy …’.




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