Buy Glitzkoin GTN Tokens On Dobitrade Or Stellarport

The Glitzkoin GTN token was listed on the Stellarport exchange in July 2018, this after a successful ICO that priced the GTN token at $0.20. Spurred by the active support of seasoned crypto traders, the token showed remarkable resilience through, the bearish crypto market phase of Q4-2018. That was the time when even crypto stalwarts like BTC and ETH, saw more than 50% of their value knocked off. The GTN token sailed through 2018 by adding a hefty 50% to its price. It reached the $0.30 level and maintained that price into 2019. [TRADE GTN ON STELLARPORT]

Glitzkoin management decided in March 2019 that, the token was mature enough to play in a bigger arena. Shortly thereafter came an important announcement, the GTN token would soon start trading on the DOBITRADE exchange. Known to be one of the big traffic big trade volume crypto exchanges, DOBITRADE would provide a much deserved boost to the GTN token. Starting 21 April 2019, crypto enthusiasts could choose from Stellarport or DOBITRADE. [TRADE GTN ON DOBITRADE

In mid April 2019 as we write this report came another important announcement – related to an exchange listing for the GTN token. This is a confirmed piece of information, details of exchange name and launch date to be announced soon. This new exchange would be added to the existing exchanges – Stellarport and DOBITRADE. 

To understand why Glitzkoin gives importance to multiple exchange listings for the GTN token, it is important to get a brief idea of the man behind the Glitzkoin project. 

Diamond veteran and CEO of the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project, Navneet Goenka is on a two pronged mission. Retaining his passion for the multibillion dollar diamond industry, the young CEO is also hooked on blockchain technology and crypto currency. He is keen to see a closer connect, between these technologies and the real world economy. The Glitzkoin project conceptualizes his vision for improving, productivity and market reach for the diamond industry. 

The Stellarport exchange listing (July 2019) came immediately after the ICO completion. This happens to be a default exchange for projects based on the Stellar blockchain. Trading on the Stellarport exchange requires, all settlements to be conducted with the XLM (Stellar) token. While this is not much of a problem for crypto savvy traders, nontechnical participants could need to navigate a learning curve. 

The DOBITRADE listing for the Glitzkoin GTN token, facilitates trade using the popular BTC, ETH and US$ options. This obviously makes it easier for GTN token participants to buy and sell the token. 

The exposure that the larger crypto exchanges like DOBITRADE provide for the GTN token, would generate a positive impact on the price. It is no secret that an increased token demand, tends to push up the price. 

Every exchange has its group of loyal traders, listing on multiple exchanges can exponentially increase the demand for a token. In Navneet Goenka’s words, ‘… Glitzkoin owes a lot to the crypto community, crypto enthusiasts were the first to recognize the robust and dynamic project. Crypto world participants would welcome the added exposure, that multiple exchanges provide to the GTN token …’.

Just a quick recap of GTN exchange listings, both present and plans for the weeks ahead.  The token has been trading since July 2018 on the Stellarport exchange, this would continue even after the new listings are implemented. Come 21 April 2019 and the GTN token, would commence trading on the DOBITRADE exchange. Negotiations have successfully concluded for a third exchange listing, details would be announced within the next few days. 




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